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There are a few which I have used & recommend. But “Best” will be different depending on (1) how many connectors you need (2) how mission critical your connection is.


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You are in the right place for asking questions like this 😜.

Looker Studio is a Data visualization tool owned by Google. 

Its freaking amazing. You can do just about anything that many of the paid tools can do as well as utilize Google other products (like big query) 

See all the public FREE paths we have posted 👇 

Custom Visualization (manifest Paths)

Well hello friend 👋

I, JJ Reynolds, am the creator, author and goofball that has created LookerStudio.VIP. 


You can read all about it on the /About Page which is quite in depth. 


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I used to say no, but after a dozen people asking for their agency or internal team to be trained on how to maximize GDS usage.

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It doesn’t exist as of May 4, 2022. 

You have a couple of options. 

Option 1: 
Add a filter for the Session Start event and view the “full page url” as the dimension. 

Option 2: 
Wait until google updates their connector

Option 3: 
Use a 3rd party connector. 

It sucks, I know


You might have seen this url /btsf

This was an option to invest in this site & get lifetime access to anything that is created here. 6 people took the plunge and joined the sites future! 

***The offer is gone forever