About LookerStudio.VIP and JJ Reynolds

Hi 👋🏽 I’m JJ Reynolds,

I work from my home in Reno, NV and run this epic nimble team at Mediauthentic.com. Now, I am creating bombdiggity educational content for LookerStudio.VIP.

In short, I get to have a bunch of fun with marketing data on the internet 😉 

HECK! I even am sharing all revenue & lead generation efforts publically on this page -> Open Business

Why LookerStudio.VIP & Why Now?

Why on earth would I create another website? Amazing question!

  1. I want to share technical information in a NON-BORING WAY
  2. Creating new things out of nothing is fun!
  3. To connect with amazing people like you!
  4. I really screwed up naming Mediauthentic.com because no one can remember the name 🤦‍♂️
  5. I now  know enough to teach, but not too much that I am unrelatable (hopefully)

The Business Manifesto (my accountability)

  1. The content must be fun! 
  2. I (JJ) reviews everything… for funness & actionableness
  3. Actionability > “Wow factor”
  4. Publish for the masses, sell to the niche.
  5. Show how, do not just tell what.
  6. Use real world examples.
  7. Spelling is negligible..
  8. Products will be asynchronous 
  9. It will be a no brainer to give me any money I ask for
Types of Businesses I've Worked With:
  • SaaS $100MM+
  • SaaS <$10MM
  • Ecommerce
  • Media Sites
  • Non for Profit
  • HighTicket Sales
  • Traditional Direct Response
Schemas/Tools I Work With:
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Active Campaign
  • Shopify
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
The Tech Stack I Love.
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Goole Analytics (UA,GA4)
  • Google Big Query
  • Connectors
    • Supermetrics
    • PowerMyAnalytics
    • Dataddo

Story Time of JJ ~ Buckle Up For a Journey

The Beginning:

I started as a run and gun videographer. It was fun. I was able to meet lot’s of people and learn how marketing works from content creation side of things.

Working with mostly wineries and small brands based out of Oahu & Napa Valley. 

Facebook Ads Enters The Chat: 

For just a few few extra $ you could get your video in-front of the ENTIRE INTERNET!!

I didn’t understand views did not equal money. 
That wasn’t my problem, or so I thought…


Google Ads Agency w/“Facebook Ads” clients on the side 

After a couple of years with Facebook Ads, I tested the waters at a  Google Ads Agency. We got to do some cool things with early AI, 3rd party networks, and spend a ton of money on in solar, e-commerce & brick and mortar niches. 

 2018: Going Out On My Own! 

I went out on my own out into the cold world of freelance media buying & got a few clients to pay me some $.

Clients were in the range of spending between $50k & $500k per year and it was lots of fun, for sure 🙂 

It was the golden age of Facebook (in my opinion). It wasn’t the “free money” like in 2014, but if you worked for it you could get results within Facebook.

To date, I believe I have spent north of $5MM in Ads


🤯 My Mind Was Blown by the Internet… Again.

I attended Traffic & Conversions Summit (by digital marketer) in 2018 & 2019… it’s a cool marketing event with lots of hype.

In 2019, I was struggling to figure out logged-in vs logged-out remarketing audiences for a membership site I was working on. (FYI, still have this client 5 years later 💪🏽)

While walking the floor I stumbled upon MeasurementMarketing.io’s booth and DAMN these guys knew what they were talking about.

Mercer, the co-founder, handed me his card and said “email me what you are dealing with and I’ll see if I can help”.


I later realized that he had used a delayed send… but i was sold. Take my money.

I joined their Measurement Marketing Academy (affiliate link 😉) & ascended through the customer journey to their Certified Measurement Marketer Program (I would 10/10 recommend)

Update from 2022: I now have taught a day of their Looker Studio Beyond Basics Course. 

🦠 2020 rolls around…

 I am out there trying to get Facebook Ads clients while setting up the data side of Mediauthentic.com during a freaking pandemic!

Once I was confident in my Measurement Marketing capabilities I pivot to just taking on marketing data clients and growing my small team of contractors/employees.

Even though 2020 was bad for lots of businesses, it was great for me!

I was able to scale up to 3 people & raise our minimum engagements to $12k.

I really perfected the ‘Pipeline’ of data collection, manipulation, strategy and  visualization while tying it all back to business actions! 

2021: Looker Studio “Cherry on Top”

In 2021, I took Ahmad Kanani’s Looker Studio Masterclass. He really knows his stuff (10/10 would recommend anything he ever sells!) 

It was great! I really feel that It was the final validation that (1) I knew what I was doing (2) Even if I don’t know the answer, there are others who might (3) Strategies are greater than tactics. 

2022: Looker Studio VIP Idea

At the end of 2021, I bought a domain and started blogging about what I wanted to build… Behind the Build is that series, if you wanted to read it  

Now, here we are. I hope to create 1 article a week for the first 10 weeks, then 2 a month from then on!

If you want to be notified, download my Dashboard Cheatsheet

Where I am /now

What I am currently reading, living, working on, and binging on Netflix?

Working On:

  • Currently working on building this site, LookerStudio.VIP.
  • We’ve gotten quite a few larger clients over at Mediauthentic.com and we are making sure we knock the socks off our clients.
    •  💣(Explosives)+ 🧦(Sock) =  (no socks on clients 🦶 feet)

Reading & (re)Reading

Watching / Listening

  • Rewatching “How I Met Your Mother” with my Fiancé, Megan. Can you believe someone is just discovering this gem of a show in 2022? 💎
  • “In From The Cold” on Netflix is a good twisty show, getting a new plot twist every 2 or so episodes. Not loving it, but it’s aight.
  • “Inventing Anna” on Netflix. Really freaking good!


  • Working on getting back into Mountain Biking 1-2 times per week! 🚲
  • Cross Country Skiing ⛷️ 🎿 – I’ve been really liking the idea of not needing a ski pass to enjoy the winter wonderland of Tahoe. It’s been epic. Can’t wait till I get a little bit better and can begin doing 10 miles + each weekend 🙂 🤘
  • Going to start taking lessons on kiteboarding here in Spring/Summer of 🪁


  • Currently living in Reno NV, but traveling to catch up with family “post-pandemic” (as much as possible):
    • Jan = Texas: Friends & Fam Visit
    • Feb = Washington (Grandmas 100th Birthday)
    • March = Illinois (Fam)

This page was last updated on  March 13, 2022;

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