Last updated for your viewing pleasure on October 13, 2022

Catching Covid – Slowing Production – A rapid update

Written by: JJ Reynolds
Lover of both data & having a good time. I spend my days creating bombdiggity reports🀘🏽 that knock the socks off our clients and help them take action faster than ever before through dynamic Looker Studio Dashboards!

Architect The Perfect Dashboard Every Time!

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I am writing this on New Year’s Eve, Sick with the COVID-19 πŸ™

Coming to the realization that this site might be put delayed as we are dealing with client relations first, then JJ’s break-even side projects.

So just an update to the future people that the “real site” will start being built come January 10 & articles are on their way.

Live Stream Feedback

Still have plans to live-stream the strategy sessions for building this site before the actual build commences, just need to get better first.

I feel most people just launch something, I really want to give my email list (About 200 lovely people) and youtube following (36) the chance to give some feedback on what they want to see out of a bombdiggity Looker Studio centric site.

April Fools

I had an idea. Super random as most of my ideas turn out to be.

To build an April Fools community visualization.

The concept has been confirmed its “possible” we will just have to define the fun parameters more closesly. Most definitely will be a learning experience as its skirting the edges of what’s possible with Looker Studio.

Hope this update finds the right people πŸ™‚