Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Looker Studio

All written by JJ Reynolds (That’s Me ๐Ÿ‘‹)ย 

Build An Affiliate Link Dashboard Using Looker Studio & GA4
This article will cover how to track affiliate and outbound traffic by monitoring link clicks. We will measure traffic and engagement with these links, visualize and display this data clearly and concisely, and provide a logical path to action.ย 
Looker Studio Update – Data, Style & More
The most recent updates to Looker Studio are live! This is everything you need to know about the "Data/Style" tab & how you might want to think about your next GDS Build!
Case Statements in GDS: a guide for the every day GDS user
I am going to keep this ULTRA ACTIONABLE for you, using examples that you can copy & paste without too much effort. However, for the casual Looker Studio User, you might stop halfway through this article and circle back at a different time.
Most Useful Guide to Using Regex In Looker Studio – 5 min
Regex is a language used to find patterns from strings of text or numbers. You can use Regex within Looker Studio to uncover and clean any piece of information. From a simple string of text to complicated patterns, Regex can handle it.
Design + Brand + GO LIVE Plan of Attack (Share Me)
I have some brand designs together in XD. Definitely not a designer, but I hope that it's enough to make people say "wow" without spending too much time in the weeds of developing this site in Elementor.
Site Structure That I Love – More or Less
I have an idea for what I want, butnot 100% sure how to execute yet. I think these categories will make it clear as to what we are trying to accomplish but not quite sure how to accomplish the content yet. Having others will be key to making this a GDS hub!
Post #1, Hello Friend – You Are Early!
I have a lot of ideas, but need to solidify what I am doing and how I plan to sustain this site. Not 100% sure on any of those yet... but Ive got ideas & that has never stopped me from doing something! Stupid or not!