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Setting Up Tag Manager, PII, Blog Categories, & Measuring Convert Box – Unedited

Written by: JJ Reynolds
Lover of both data & having a good time. I spend my days creating bombdiggity reports🀘🏽 that knock the socks off our clients and help them take action faster than ever before through dynamic Looker Studio Dashboards!

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Just keep moving forward is one of my biggest montras!

Today we got the rest of our set up dialed in for GTM & GA.

I am intentionally leaving some things blank/undone so we can use this as a teaching method for how to clean things up in GDS.

What We Cover

Tag Manager PII Redaction

We dive into how to redact your personal Identifiable information from URLs

  1. Editing Google Analytics Setting Variable
  2. New Variable Page Parameters + Parameters
  3. Redact That
  4. Overwrite Old Page with new Parameter

Add New Browser Helpers

Google Analytics Filter Set Up

These are the filters we normally use

NameFilter TypeField
Join URL & HostnameAdvancedWatch Video
Append Slash to URIAdvancedWatch Video
Lowercase – URILowercaseRequest URI
Lowercase – Campaign NameLowercaseCampaign Name
Lowercase – Campaign SourceLowercaseCampaign Source
Lowercase – Campaign MediumLowercaseCampaign Medium
Lowercase – Ad ContentLowercaseAd Content
Lowercase – TermLowercaseTerm
Combine – InstagramSearch & ReplaceCampaign Source – .instagram.
Combine – FacebookSearch & ReplaceCampaign Source – .facebook.
Combine – TwitterSearch & ReplaceCampaign Source – .twitter.
Combine – YoutubeSearch & ReplaceCampaign Source – .youtube.
Combine – LinkedInSearch & ReplaceCampaign Source – .linkedin.
Combine – TikTokSearch & ReplaceCampaign Source – .tiktok.
Exclude – Test – SourceExcludeSource = “test”
Remove All Params (No Param View ONLY)Search & ReplaceSee Here Below
  • Custom Dimensions For Categories + Tag Manager

Custom Dimensions

I want to be able to see which categories are performing better as well as the average times for when we will be able to update content if it’s getting older.

Then we will be able to use those custom dimensions in Looker Studio to average our content types & dates to improve into the future and beyond!

Setting Up Quiz Journeys

We are going to use ConvertBox to have readers (like yourselves) give feedback on what you want to learn about!

If you are on our newsletter, you can also hit ‘reply’ to literally any email and let us know what is up in your life.

Signup Journey For Convertbox Segmentation#footer
Signup Journey For /Quiz ->

As always, I hope this was helpful!

And to future readers best of luck in your measurement journey!