Actionable Team Training On All Things GDS

Have someone guide your team through the world of Looker Studio. Foundations, team usage, & unique custom systems all in one place!

How It Works

  • 6-weeks of weekly live guided Looker Studio coaching. 
  • Shared Slack channel for async questions.
  • Open checklists & GDS strategies for your team to use! 
  • Team access to all GDS courses
    • Quick-start GDS Foundations
    • GDS Efficiency
  • Custom roadmap based on your unique data sources & goals



  • Facebook Ads,
  • Custom CRM data
  • Active Campaign
  • Search Console
  • Google Analytics 
  • BigQuery
  • MySQL
  • etc

The list goes, on.

The answer is yes to the most common data sources.  If you are hesitant, feel free to grab a time on my calendar and we can discus possible solutions. 

Great question! Currently we have the core pillar GDS Team training starting at $2,995. 

If you are looking for custom training about how to build your entire pipeline or how to build custom visualizations for your organization, that will be a different pricing we can discus on the call. 

You will be speaking only with JJ Reynolds 👋. 

I have worked with teams from 1 to hundreds and am excited to show your team the power of using Looker Studio to the fullest ability! 

We will set three pieces of communication. 

  1. Email you can always email me. 
  2. Open Slack channel for async communication. 
  3. Weekly recorded Zoom call. 


👇 Book a no obligation exploration call 👇