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Why LookerStudio.VIP is Now /OPEN For The World To See; Being Different

Written by: JJ Reynolds
Lover of both data & having a good time. I spend my days creating bombdiggity reports🀘🏽 that knock the socks off our clients and help them take action faster than ever before through dynamic Looker Studio Dashboards!

Architect The Perfect Dashboard Every Time!

Publish better dashboards every time by following these 8 criteria to WOW your Boss, clients, & self!

I documented the entire process of building this website with videos & blog posts – Read Them Here.

The plan was: To make cool shit & share how to do it.

We are doing some epic things at Mediauthentic & I wanted to share it somewhere with my voice.

Mediauthentic has 4 team members & I get to dream about what we are going to do on the education side of things!

The #Manifesto holds true. I am not trying to extort people for money (I’ve seen wayyyy to many courses cost $$$$$$ for $ information), but i’d like to make it worth my time & effort.

So, what I’ve decided to do is make this an Open Website.

You can now see the total revenue, the site has made, website traffic, and a few other top level KPIs.

As I write this (August 6, 2022) The site has not broke even.

I spent about $5k on a site (mistake) & $89/month on Podia (love it). I am going to try to add expenses to this in the future, but it is too much work for the moment!

Other people have done this in the past with income reports. Pat Flyn’s income reports probably being one of the most open about it (until he started selling his own courses)

The Open Effort ~ how it works

You can now view top level Website Metrics Here

Obviously I build this using Looker Studio! #SelfPromotion :p

I used the MixedAnalytics API Sheets Add on (affiliate link)

Which I would highly recommend, it’s probably the largest bang for your buck on the internet!

Every day at 1 am the Google Sheet gets all the data from Youtube, Stripe, & Active Campaign & adds it to the sheet.

The Google Sheet is the data source for the GDS report

Then it is an imbedded report

Why Am I Doing This?

I have been extremely honest about my intentions & ideas around LookerStudio.VIP from the begining, why should that stop now?

I am sure some time in the future it would be irresponsible to share revenue numbers. But heck, right now I am sitting on my couch writing a blog post about Opennes!

The Inspiration

This is going to be really corny, but I really enjoy the openness of other peoples businesses. When companies like Nomad List (peter) share their numbers it inspires me! Sometimes they are numbers that just seem unattainable.

If you have concerns…. join the email list & hit ‘reply’. I am happy to answer any questions.

Build A Dashboard That'll Get People Talking!

Publish better dashboards every time by following these 8 criteria! 
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The Future

I am sure in the future this page will change and evolve! That is the the nature of business!

Who knows what is in store, but if you want to be along for the ride I am willing to pilot!

I have ideas, just need to execute on: 3 Courses, 1 Membership, Products, Custom Visualizations & more.